What are my camping options?

Forest Camping: Leave your car behind and find an awesome place to crash in the the forest. Parking Lot is adjacent to Forest Camping zone. Plots within Forest Camping are first-come, first-served. There are no guaranteed plot sizes nor assigned spaces.

Family Camping: A camping area exclusively for those with families and those looking for early mornings and early nights during the festival. Quiet hours are observed and enforced.

Car Camping: Camp right next to your car. Car Camping plots are 20' x 20' and are intended for tent and in-bed truck campers only. Due to venue safety regulations, all RVs and tow-behind trailers must be in the RV Camping zone. VW Westifalias may be in either Car Camping or RV camping

Can I bring my RV?

Absolutely! RV options are available with no power, 30 AMP, and 50 AMP hookups. RV plots are 20’x50′. slides and awnings must fit within these dimensions. Please arrive with a full water tank since refills will not be available. Each RV ticket includes one complimentary grey/black water tank dump upon exit from the festival. Only on-board generators will be permitted to use them. No exterior generators are permitted per local fire department regulations.

Is the Festy ADA Accessible?

Yes. We have a designated ADA camping zone with power available. It is close to the stages and on flat ground. We will also have complimentary shuttles running throughout the site. Please let us know any specific needs you mayhave and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I bring my dog, cat, or other pet?

No. Our venue does not permit any pets on-site during events. It’s a safety concern both for the animals and people. Service animals are permitted.

Where are the closest hotels?

The closest hotels are in Charlottesville (35 mi north) or Lynchburg (30 miles south). We encourage people to stay onsite. If camping is not your thing or you want a more comfortable experience, check out our Lodging Upgrades.

Do you need any Staff or Volunteers?

Please fill out our Staff/Volunteer Application. We will be in touch shortly and let you know if we have space left.

Can I vend at the Festy?

Each year, We have a variety of craft, food, beverage, and non-profits at the festy. Please fill out the proper application below and we will be in touch!

Craft/Apparel Vendor Application Food Vendor Application Non-Profit Organization Application

Prohibited Items.
  • Illegal drugs / drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons, including bats, kitchen knives OR anything that can be considered a weapon
  • Explosives, incendiary devices, or legally prohibited items are to be brought into the premises Fireworks of any kind or size
  • Beer kegs / Hard Liquor / Unreasonable amounts of alcohol (One (1) case beer / One (1) bottle (plastic) of liquor for patrons that are 21+ is permitted)
  • Glass bottles or containers of any kind. (This includes, but is not limited to: glass bottles, glass food jars, and anything made of glass.)
  • Unlicensed vending
  • Charcoal or any containers with additional fuel, accelerants, large amounts of propane
  • Bundles of firewood or any other kindling material to create open fires
  • Motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, etc.)
  • No Pets. If a pet is found in your vehicle or camping area, they will be turned away
  • All large sized box trucks will be turned away, and be not permitted on the festival site.
Do you offer Single Night Camping?

Maybe.. We may offer single night camping at the door, if there is still availability. Priority is given to weekend campers. If there is enough interest, we make this option available in advance. Please fill out this form, and we will get back to you asap. This form will also reserve you a spot on the waitlist.