'til festy!

Frequently Asked Questions

FESTY is an Outdoor, Socially-Distanced, Concert Series beginning in April 2021.

Access to the festival series is sold in 2-person, 4-person, and 6-person “pods”.

We have band-shell on the property and will host live shows in the evenings You can learn more about the musical lineup at FESTY here

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FESTY currently has venues in three locations. Charlottesville, VA at Chisholm Vineyards in Earlysville, less than 10 miles from Downtown Charlottesville. Asheville, NC at Lake Eden Events & Lodging in Black Mountain, and Charleston, SC at Woodland Nature Reserve

You can Check out more info on all three venues.

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FESTY is designed to be provide a safe and elevated opportunity to experience live music.

Tickets are sold in “PODS”. PODS are 10’x10’ (SMALL), 10’x20’ (MEDIUM), 10’x30’(LARGE) designated areas of the FESTY show field for familiar groups to enjoy the show together.

Each POD is separated from the next POD by an isle (at least 6’).
Attendees are required to wear masks on-site (to-and-from car, restrooms, etc) while not in your POD.

. Attendees use their smartphone to order food & beverages delivered to their POD.

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At FESTY, each POD has a unique QR Code that links to a menu. Enter your credit card info and order Food, Beverages, or Merchandise

FESTY staff will receive your order and deliver your items to you. All food is from local food trucks

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Most FESTY shows cost between $50 and $60 per person…which includes all ticket fees and taxes. Tickets are sold in groups called “PODS”. PODS are available in SMALL (2-Person), Medium (4-Person), or Large (6-Person) options. We also have Live Stream tickets available to select shows. Live Stream tickets are generally between $10 and $20. If you have a special need of any kind, please contact

SMALL PODS are closest to the stage. LARGE PODS are farthest from the stage.

PODS are assigned in the order they are purchased. In the near future fans will be able to choose their specific POD at the time of purchase.

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Depending on the location, we may need volunteers!

Please email with your background and experience, which venue you would like to help with, and what you are interested and willing to do.

During this first phase of FESTY we will not have any outside vendors.
When we do, applications will be posted on this website. 

You ARE allowed (and encouraged) to bring in chairs, blankets, backpacks, empty coolers, and hand-held rain umbrellas.  

You are NOT allowed to bring any outside food or drink; pets; free-standing umbrellas, shade structures, or tents, firearms, or fireworks.

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