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Frequently Asked Questions

FESTY 2020 is an Outdoor, Socially-Distanced, Concert Series during the Fall of 2020 at Chisholm Vineyards in Albemarle County. Shows begin on Saturday, September 26 and will into November.

Access to the festival series is sold in 2-person, 4-person, and 6-person Boxes.

We have band-shell on the property and will host live shows in the evenings You can learn more about the musical lineup at the Festy here

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FESTY 2020 is at Chisholm Vineyards in Albemarle County, less than 10 miles from Downtown Charlottesville at 1135 Clan Chisholm Lane in Earlysville, VA 22936.

Ticket holders are allowed unlimited entry and exit to the festival grounds.

You can learn more about Chisholm here.

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Most FESTY 2020 shows cost between $40 and $60 per person…which includes all ticket fees. Tickets are sold in groups called “Boxes”. Boxes are available in 2-Person, 4-Person, or 6-Person options. If you have a special need, please contact info@thefesty.com

We do need volunteers!

Please email info@thefesty.com with your background and experience and what you are interested and willing to do, and on which dates.  

During this first phase of Festy2020 we will not have any outside vendors. 

You ARE allowed (and encouraged) to bring in chairs, blankets, backpacks, empty coolers, and hand-held rain umbrellas.  

You are NOT allowed to bring any outside food or drink; pets; free-standing umbrellas, shade structures, or tents, firearms, or fireworks.

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