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Rev. Sekou & The Freedom Fighters

Soul-Rock Band
Soul-Rock Band


Reverend Sekou is a noted activist, theologian, author, filmmaker, and musician. Born in St. Louis and raised in the rural Arkansas Delta, Rev. Sekou has become especially known for his musical activism and raw sound. His musical sound is a unique combination of North Mississippi Hill Country Music, Arkansas Delta Blues, Memphis Soul, and Pentecostal steel guitar. Sekou draws his influence from the deeply musical geographic regions that have surrounded him throughout his life. Alongside his musical discography, you can read any of his five books such as Urbansouls: Meditations on Youth, Hip Hop, and Religion and The Task of the Artist in the Time of Monsters. Rev. Sekou’s song Bury Me was inspired by the horrific events in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017, which Sekou witnessed firsthand while actively working in Charlottesville to protect and defend this community’s civil rights.