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Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Blues-Rock Band
Blues-Rock Band


Robert Randolph quite literally grew up in the church, and claims to have strictly listened to music that could be found inside his hometown House of God Church in Orange, New Jersey. Inherently his sound was influenced by the soulful sounds of the Church, but as his musical career flourished he began incorporating sounds that drew more from blues and rock. Randolph has become a world-renowned pedal steel guitarist, and is a 5-time Grammy-nominee. By the early 2000’s Randolph began his transition into the secular music scene, and from that birthed the Family Band. Robert Randolph & The Family Band rapidly grew, and by the summer of 2004 they went on tour with legendary guitarist Eric Clapton for his summer U.S. tour. Randolph and his band are set to release a new album titled Brighter Days on August 23rd of this year.